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Silverdale Elementary
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I Am Silverdale


I am Silverdale

I am Strong

My strength comes from within, I know who I am, I know that I am only limited by my imagination. I am Strong.

  I have Integrity

I do the right thing always, even when no one is looking. I make commitments and I follow through on them. I have integrity.

I am a Learner

No task or assignment is too difficult. I am not good or bad at anything, but I get better through hard work.  I am a learner.

   I am Valuable

I was made to be awesome, I was made to change the world. I make important and valuable contributions to my school, my community, my province, and my world. I am valuable.

   I am an Encourager

I am not only valuable, I see the value in others and tell them about it. I encourage and support those around me to be the best they can be. I am an encourager.

      I am Resilient

I know that difficulty will come. When it does I get back up, dust myself off, learn from the experience, and keep on going. I know that I have the strength and support I need to be successful. 

I am Daring

I do not let fear stop me from doing what is right, from achieving my goals, or completing my tasks. I am daring.

     I am Awesome

I inspire others to do great things because I am inspired to by others to become better. I am admired by others because I act in a way that is to be admire. I am awesome.

 I am Loved  

I know that at school I am loved. People around me build me up, take care of me, challenge me, and accept me. That is how I know that I am loved.

             Every day

I am better than the day before. I know more, I care more, I understand more. Every day, I am better…

I am Silverdale.